Digital X-Ray

Our office is dedicated to your health and safety, and x-rays are one of our most valuable diagnostic tools. When a more advanced, safer version became available, we were quick to adopt this technology to benefit our patients.

Why Dental X-Rays Matter

Many of your examinations will include digital dental x-rays. This is because x-rays allow us to see what’s going on deep inside your teeth and beneath the gumline. In many cases, by the time a problem is visible to the naked eye, it’s already spread beyond the point where noninvasive, conservative treatment will help.

Some of the problems that x-rays help us catch include:

  • Early cavities
  • Infections in the root canal or the jawbone
  • Damage to the root or inner structure of the tooth following an injury
  • Damage to the jawbone caused by periodontal disease

Dental x-rays also help us considerably as we monitor growth and development in children. We are able to make sure that the permanent teeth are developing properly and look for problems that simple early orthodontic treatment can fix to prevent years of costly treatment later.

We believe in catching problems early in order to provide inexpensive and easy treatments. Better yet, we’d like to prevent problems before they ever start. Dental x-rays help us meet both of these goals to give you the healthy teeth and gums you and your family deserve.