Dental Hygiene

It is impossible for the rest of your body to be healthy if your mouth is not. Maintaining good oral hygiene is critical to preserving your teeth and maintaining good oral health.

Your gums provide the seal that keeps bacteria that are normal and healthy in your mouth from getting into the bone and bloodstream where they can cause serious problems.

Our goal in dental hygiene is to help you preserve your teeth and to maintain the healthy seal that enhances your overall health. We want to help you keep your teeth and gums clean, healthy and attractive. Regular checkups and professional cleanings also help us identify potential problem areas and develop a plan to ensure that your mouth stays healthy.

Oral hygiene visits give us an opportunity to screen for oral lesions including cancer. The frequency of oral cancer has increased dramatically in recent years. Early detection is essential for good outcomes.

You will find our hygienists friendly, compassionate, competent and dedicated to helping you maintain your oral health.